Monday, July 13, 2015

The Magical Restoritive Powers Of RESPITE! - And The Completion of My Wizard

So after some extremely stressful few weeks in my house I had the absolutely pleasure of going away for the first time on my OWN for the weekend, while some respite worker came in stayed at my house for two nights with my son... and boy did I not only need it, but it did me so much good... I have come back invigorated and refreshed and really understanding that this is what I need if I am to not only survive being a single mum with a child with multiple disabilities and behavioural challenges but to thrive... for his well being as well as my own, which is also challenging as my own health is also not good... but anyway... I had a marvelous weekend away at my parents on site caravan in the glorious bushland setting of Daylesford, in the middle of Winter and literally missed out on it snowing at my camp site by 5km!!! I was thoroughly ANNOYED!! I WANTED SNOW!!.. LOL

But anyhoo... 

You will ALL be probably happy to hear that in my time away I Got back on my pencils and managed to do a little colouring.. in between my eating of gorgeous local produce down at the Local Cider Mill, of course matching that with a bottle of their organically brewed cider, and getting my Tarot cards read... something I had never had done before, and was BLOW AWAY by how accurate this gentleman was...

but I diverge!!! ;) 

I got out my delightfully magical Wizard digital stamp called "Wiz" by Mo Manning, which you can purchase HERE, (oh, and enabler alert, Mo has a SUMMER SALE ON!!! 20% OFF ALL STAMPS)  I had started but not finished and decided he looked rather sad half coloured and that it was time I stopped procrastinating and coloured him up!!... So without further Ade!! my gorgeous Mr Wiz!!

The Digital Stamp is called "Wiz" and was created by Mo Manning
This image has been coloured by in Polychromo Pencils Only
No Blending solutions of any kind was used
No blending stumps were used
Just pencil on pencil blending
The paper is Arches 300gsm HotPressed Smooth Watercolour Paper
I'm Sorry but I cannot provide a list of colour for anyone as I did not keep track of them all... there were just tooooooooo many!
The sentiment is my own creation so please credit me after the sentiment (A. Jensen) if you use it in your own works, with a link back to my blog in your post if possible. I appreciate your honesty in this regard. :) 

Well that's all from me for this post... I might have something else tomorrow. I have been a busy little beaver!!!
Happy Crafting!!
And remember to check out that 20% off Summer Sale at Mo's Digital Pencil!!!


  1. Amanda your wizzard is beautifull.... Awesome!!! I like the history was you said about how you painted him. You stopped you restarted!!!! Is like that for me sometimes!!!!

  2. looks great Amanda. great to see another fellow pencil colourist :)

  3. Amanda your wizard is wonderful, I love it!! I'm so glad you got to have a nice relaxing weekend, its hard to take care of ourselves, isn't it? Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Beautiful wizard and great colouring

  5. Hello Amanda, My name Petra and I live in the Netherlands. I really like your coloring with the Faber pencils. I love my Faber's to they are great pencils en the blending is is amazing without blending solutions. From now I"am follow your blog and I look forward to your next card.


  6. Wow!! This is stunning! I feel inspired to get my pencils out, its truly amazing. I had to pop over from FB and have a closer look, so glad I did too, now I can follow your blog as well.

  7. Hi Amanda I think everyone needs to get away from daily stressful routines every now and then otherwise they grind you down, Just having a change of scenery and something else to think about (or not thinking in some cases)
    I'm glad you feel refreshed a recharged I know you needed it and boy you have come back with a corker he is amazing I still haven't plucked up the courage to colour him yet but I have an idea in mind for him with one of Mo's new images
    Your colouring always amazes me you do it so darn well (gggrrrrrrrrr lol) this is just stunning
    Take care and see you soon xx

  8. This is gorgeous Amanda & I love that sentiment :o)
    Have a great week.

  9. That's awesome, great sentiment too! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  10. just love it>>> glad you were able to have a break and now feel refreshed, it is so important to do that~

  11. Gorgeous card Amanda. Your colouring is fabulous...along with your sentiment. Good to hear you enjoyed your well deserved respite. hugs, Pat K x


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