Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I've Been A BuZZy LIttle Beeeeeeee! ;)

So I promised you more cards in the last post didn't I!! well here they are. I have been busy playing and have created a few more shadow box cards as I build up a range of these designs to hopefully start up my Etsy Shop soon...

I'm really enjoying creating these beautiful cards using NitWit Collections Scrap booking Kits. I have always enjoyed digital scrap booking and so it's fantastic that I have found a way to combine my digital scrap booking skills, my computer skills and my paper craft skills to create these new and unique designs. I cannot wait till I have a few more designs ready so I can start selling!! SO EXCITED!! and then I can bring my customers cards ranging from One of A Kind (OOAK) cards, hand painted or coloured by myself or beautifully designed unique cards that I will be able to reproduce in some what number larger numbers... though still small enough numbers that they will be special. :) I'm also hopeful that I will be able to bring in the future products such as party invites, thank you notes, Birth notices, Shadow Box Name Plaques and a heap of other things!!!! but for now... I'll stick with just getting my cards started!! 

And with that in mind... you'll probably want me to stop waffling on and show you my two new cards!! LOL... and the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!!.. Teehee!! well... future customers... Maybe!! ;) 

 I LOVE this card... It's just so happy and sunny and CHEERFUL!.. plenty of sunny flowers and the most gorgeous bees collecting the pollen to make there honey... you can almost Smell the hay fever!! *AhhhhChooo!*... teehee

For my second card I still see spring, but instead, you have moved out of the sun, and walk down towards a lake, perhaps sitting under the cool shade of a tree and you see the insects coming out to enjoy the cool air! Ahhh.. just bliss!!!... 

Both cards feature shadow box, layering on the front giving the a 3D appearance, while the inside features a coordinating panel with blank area for you to write you messages to your loved ones. The cards have been left without Sentiment so that you can use the cards for any occasion you see fit. 

I hope you have enjoyed these cards and hope to bring more to you soon.
Happy Crafting.


  1. Hi!! (waving enthusiastically) Amanda, these cards are just gorgeous creations! I have some NitWit's stuff too, as well as a whole lot of other stuff that came on the disk with Cardmaking with your PC! Which I've heard has stopped publication!! I'm assuming that you have the full version of SerifCraftArtist. I have the compact version, which I will have a play around later to try making my own watermarks and other stuff!

    1. Sorry Christine it took me so long to reply. I read your comment on my mobile on morning, and said to myself.. I'll respond after i drop my son to school... LOL.. well you can imagine now that Im FINALLY getting around to responding what happened there!!.. In terms of designing these cards I use two programs Micrsoft Publisher.. I know.. Old school.. I just like how I can insert multiple pictures in at once and drags and layer stuff and get a rough idea of how a card is going to look!, Once I am satisfied with that, I take out my big guns!! My Sihouette Cameo Program!.. (what a pain in the butt that program is) and create the design with the multiple layers on there... thats where the real work goes into it...because I'm not jjust designing how each layer needs to fit together, but also how my electronic diet cutter needs to cut each layer. It's a long process, but I'm getting quicker. :)


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