Saturday, June 7, 2014


My Lovely, Beautiful Mum had her birthday on Wednesday and unfortunately I was unwell so I didn't get to finish her card on time!! :( but she understood.

She was sure happy to wait when she saw it though! Ironically my little sister posted a comment about my mum being an "old cheese" in her birthday message, but not to worry cause she LUVES CHEESE and the stinkier and smellier and wrinklier the better.. and if there's a bit of mould, you just chop it off.. ITS STILL GOOD!! ITS STILL GOOD!! LOL..  *yes, my whole family LOVES CHEESE!! LOL*

It's ironic because when I discovered Bugaboos "Scene It" Stamps, I came across these gorgeous little birthday mice, and my first thoughts were I HAVE to buy this for my mums birthday, and I'm going to write something about her being "An Ole Cheese" on it!! So apparently great minds (my little sister and I) think alike!!

Hope you enjoy my latest card. It's another variation on the Gate-fold design I've been using lately, cause it's cute, and I'm not bored with it yet!! LOL..

 I used a set of metal circular punches to do the holes.. You hit them with a hammer on a block of wood!! Unfortunately I've used them so many times they were a bit blunt.. :/  Oh well.. I told my mum, Mice at the holes.. You can't except them to be perfect!! LOL
 This gorgeous image is called "Mouse - balloons" and you can purchase it HERE!!
 I couldn't help myself... I had to make the side panels into blocks of cheese!! LOL.
This digi is called "Mice Birthday" and is available for purchase HERE!!

Thanks for popping by!!

Happy crafting


  1. Brilliant card love the images and bright colours and of course the idea behind the image and holes lol
    Carol x

  2. are so the mousie side panels!


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