Friday, April 25, 2014

OH OH OH I WON!!! Challenge #227 - Perfectly Pinkalicious

Ok.. Well I didn't win.. That was done by random selection. LOL. But even better as far as I'm concerned, I was selected in the TOP 3!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the Challenge #227 - Perfectly Pinkalicious (w/a Mo image)

This was the very first Blog Challenge I've ever entered and I was very dubious to enter, because I must admit, I'm still not very confident about my painting and card making, especially with how new I am to it! So this is a fabulous result, and a HUGE EGO BOOST!!! like a I 'cannot get my head to fit through the door it has inflated too big' ego boost! LOL...

So seeing I didn't have my blog at that stage, I thought I'd post on here the card I entered to share with you all. You''ll all recognise it, because it makes up part of my page logo!

and of course... what did I win!!!!

RECOGNITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is what I wanted... and a CUTE AS badge to put on my blog!!!
and for someone who is as OBSESSED by Mo Manning's stamps as I am, This little badge on my blog means the world to me!!!

There is a very big problem with this whole scenario though......Now that I have experience the joys of winning one little badge!! I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL... This could get addictive. :/ So onto my next BLOG CHALLENGE!!!

So why don't you pop over to Mo's Digital Pencil Blog, and participate to!!! It's loads of fun, and you too may be lucky enough to win this little badge to be displayed proudly on your blog page!! This weeks Challenge #228 -Clean and Simple (w/a Mo image).


and thank you for stopping by once again!!

Happy crafting!!




  1. I love your posts & your wonderful sense of humor. Your coloring is terrific & the images simply sweet as can be.

  2. Thank you Janie, And thanks for following!! Being new to this, I jump on each and every day.... just to see if I gained any followers or comments overnight. :/ pretty sad, but I'm so excited to share my new founnd love.. even If I'm driving my family NUTS everytime I ring my mum JUST to announce I have a new follower!!! Which of course.. I shall do Immediately after I finish writing this message!! LOL..
    I'm glad you find my posts entertaining. I just write like how I talk, and I have always had a wonky sense of humor but I guess since having my now 14yo Autistic son, we have developed a rather twisted sense of humour together as a means to communicate...It does certainly come out in my over dramatised posts!! But hey.. we need a little laughter in life I think.
    Anyhoo.. So glad to see you here.. Feel free to message if you ever have any questions regarding any of my tutorials or cards/projects... or if there is something specfic you'd like a tutorial done about. I'm always happy to sit to make tutes!! :0



HELLO!!! *waves enthusiastically* Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!! I really appreciate it, and read each and everyone of them.. It is what gets me out of bed in the mornings!! I swear!!! :0) Feel free to leave me questions if you have any and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!! :) Xo