Wednesday, September 16, 2015


So Excited!! After Months and Months and MONTHS!!!! of hinting and promising I have FINALLY gotten my Etsy store open and started..

While still early, I will be adding cards to the store daily until all of my current stock is online so you will have to bare with me... and just keep on having to check back on it for progress!! ;) 

So if you have ever looked at any of my cards and thought Hmmmm, I really like that, and would LOVE to own one of my creations, please pop on over and have a look. :) 

You will find in my store many hours of love delicately woven into each and every item. I have a variety of Cards, all of my own design and creation, in an array of colours, styles, sizes and prices to suit your particular needs.

I will have a range of cards available including my OOAK (One Of A Kind) cards, my Limited Quantity Cards (Individually Hand Coloured cards that are reproduced up to 5 -10 times) while others are Digitally Designed and then hand assembled. 

Using a variety of mediums including Inks, Copics Marker and Polychromo Pencils before being decorated in high quality embellishments and Scrapbooking Papers the cards I create are never truly identical to each other, even of the same design. That is the Joy of being Handmade!

I will hopefully be adding Mini Albums, Decorative Wall Hangings and Name Plaques to the store just to name a few things, along with my cards so there will be plenty of items for you to select from. 

So come have a look at my store and I hope you enjoy what you see!

Happy Crafting!!
Cherry Rose Cottage Crafts

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  1. congratulation with your store ;O)) I will go check it out. ;O))


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