Sunday, May 3, 2015

My 1st Year Of Learning at Kit and Clowder (Photo Heavy)

Well today on fac book I had a "memory" post come up that showed me a photo I posted on this day last year, all excited at how much I had learnt from just doing ONE CLASS of Kit and Clowders Online Copic Class... I was so over the moon with how much of a difference the information I had learnt could make to my drawing in such a short amount of time. 
Well... seeing this post and photo today made me realise just how far I have come with my art in that year since that I posted that...

So I sat myself down, and quickly... lol, yes.. I never thought I'd say that regarding my Copics... and WITHOUT THROWING A SINGLE ONE!! I sat down and quickly coloured a face on my "Face page" I had put together as a means to practice my copics before I had gotten my marvelous Kit and Clowder Class, next to the "Face" I had coloured last year on this date... so I could demonstrate to myself how far I had come. :) So with the face done...I just HAD to colour the hair as well.. cause I mean.. I can do hair now too.. I'm not an expert, but I can do it, and getting better and better each time I practice... So once I had completed that I thought I have to come on here and share with you all some of my early work, in comparison to some of my work now... :) So we can ALL HAVE A GIGGLE!!!

But first... the photo that started this journey today.... The first face is my go at a face (with features and shading!! LOL :/ ) prior to Kit and Clowder.... the second face is the first face I did after reading through the lesson one of my Kit and Clowder Copic Lesson on May 3rd 2014.... and the third face on the right is today's face, done quickly, to demonstrate where I'm up to today, May 3rd 2015... One year later...
These are some "Other" attempts at skin in my earlier tries... LOL

And how bout my Earliest Hair Attempt to laugh at!!! :/

ARGHHHHH!!!! Look Away.. Look Away!!! *covers eye's in Horror!!*
 So Comparison!! 

And now for some recent images... :)

Now for the Distressed Inks... Which I also started a year ago...

To something a little better ;)

And now onto Pencils.. Polychromo to be exact.. Now I have only just started in the last few months with these so I haven't done a lot, but the wonderful Alyce from Kit and Clowder has a wonder Pencil Class that you can learn how to use these beauties.. and what can I say.. IM IN LOVE!!!

My First attempt.. LOL, She was turned into a monkey because I STUFFED her up so badly.. 
Now for something a lot better... 

 So that's it my dearies.. All of my Ups and Downs... All I can say is that if you are struggling with your colouring, whether it be Copics, Pencils, or Distressed Inks.. there is two things you can do... One... you can keep on practicing.. because practice DOES MAKE PERFECT!! and two... you NEED.. and I mean NEED!!!!! to head over to Kit and Clowder and check out all of there marvelous online classes. They are delivered online, with no time period in which you have to take them it.. once you purchase them, the class is yours FOREVER!!. You get not only the classes, but access to the marvelous and talented Miss Alyce Keegan whom will help you through your colouring journey. You are encouraged to upload your practice images onto the class site for feed back from Alyce with she does every 48hrs roughly, to improve your skills, but if there is anything you really are stuck on Alyce is always contactable via Private message through Facebook to give you one on one help... She is THAT amazing... 
So Please come check out the Facebook Page "Kit and Clowder"
Or the Website "Kit and Clowder Website" 
and get the colouring you always dreamed of. 



  1. Hi Amanda! What a progress you have made!! Just wonderful, I am doing some classes also, and I love them! Keep up the good work!

  2. Amanda, that was a big leap forward. Some awesome colouring you'we made. Have been a member of KNC for 6 (approx) months myself. Hope I can colour like you in 8 months 😊. Well done.

  3. Great post, awesome colouring and wonderful to look back and see how far you have come. Imagine where you will be in another year!!!

  4. Amanda I love your post - thank you so much for writing your post... it's amazing for me to see what other people think and just totally made my day. I'm SO proud of you and think you are an amazing artist :) <3

  5. Amanda...this is just amazing!!! I loved watching your progression! Gorgeous gorgeous projects!

  6. Beautiful!! And how awesome to see your progress!

  7. girl you have always been amazing and I love seeing how you have progressed even more
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  8. All your work is amazing, you have a real talent. To see it getting better and better is wonderful. I am taking Kit and Clowder skin and hair class at the moment, so hopefully someday I will be as good as you! lol!!!


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