Friday, April 10, 2015

Bip Bip Birthday Tag

Hello Everyone... Well this has been ONE EXHAUSTING WEEK!! I took my not so little boy (15yo) camping for the Easter weekend on my own, and because of my chronic illness, even though I'm doing well at the moment, it took a lot more out of me than I I've had a lot of sleepy days since, and barely enough energy to get out of bed let alone move off the couch! so I will apologise to you right off the bat for this really short blog post... and also for the super poor quality of my photo... I was not even sure I'd be able to finish a piece for the weekly inspiration, but I have managed!!! Unfortunately it's NIGHTTIME and so I had no natural light to take a photo light I normally do.. So if you just tolerate the cruddy photo for a half a day... I promise in the morning, bright and early I'll take some better photos and post them!!! :) As promised, I'm back and have upoloaded the new photos... but have left the old photo below as an illustration of POOR PHOTO SKILLS!! lol...

So without any more waffling! Here's my gorgeous tag, using "Bip Bip Birthday"... a Super cute little Robot by Mo Manning.. of course!!

Now This is the OLD NIGHT TIME PHOTO!! I've left it here to illustrate just how much a difference  your photograph of your piece can make. In the above pictures the image is clear and crisp, the colours stand out and are bright and actually reflect how the true colours I how I coloured this little cutie!! You can see the Bluish tinge I placed on much of his metal body.... As you can see in the below picture the image is dull, with an orange/brown cast that I could not get ris of with photo manipulation.. it was the overhead "warm lighting" from our lightbulbs... this interfers with the colours drowning out certain colours, and making others just look plain wrong... The photo itself is also grainy! and it's not that I am poor at taking photos, just there is not enough natural lighting, and you should never use flash photography were photographing your cards, because it bounces of the the weirdest places, like the sheen of your PENCILS!! or the alcohol in the your copics make the ink from the printer shiny, so it bounce off there... and thats without considering all of the BLING some people put on there pieces... So my advice... if you have the ability to, take your photos in a light filled room, not in direct sunlight, on a consistent background.
I use just a plain piece of white cardstock A1 size, folded in half sitting on a chair in my BATHROOM!!! because the light is filtered through the rippled glass in the window.
I take MANY SHOTS, from MANY different angles.
Then they all get uploaded into my computer where I use Picassa to weed out the cruddy shots, then I crop them to size and colour correct any that are too blue!... now this is also A MUST!! every camera, whether is be a mobile or an SLR fancy smancy camer will have flaws, and most photos will need colour correction. so have a play with the programs you have and see what you can achieve with your photos. Usually mine will require the blue tinit to be corrected to slightly more yellow, an issue particule to my mobile phone camera, slightly more shadowing, and then slightly more highlight. Then it resembles as close as I'm going to get it to what I ACTUALLY PAINTED in real life!!
Anyhooo.. This wasn't MEANT to be a photography lesson.. LOL.. I will do a tutorial on this at some stage!! :)

Card Details:
Coloured in Polychromo Pencils
Digital Papers and Embellishments is a Digital Scrapbooking Kit "FBQ - Some Assembly Required" by Nitwits Collections
Tassel I made from some cross stitch thread I had laying around! :)

Thanks for Popping By
Happy Crafting


  1. Oh hon! Please take extra good care of yourself until you're up and running again. LOVE your tag - gotta go shopping now for this darling little robot.

  2. Ditto on Elaine M's comment!! Amanda if you're like me, you don't have someone you can rely on to look after you! So there are times when I feel like I'm going to be in a puddle on the floor! That is one gorgeously cute robot, and I may just have to get him and some other ones next time I can buy some!!


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