Friday, March 20, 2015

Oh I Got Me Some PENCILS!!!

So I could not resist myself. After seeing all of these beautiful pencil projects over at Kit and Clowder over the last 3 months and with there release of there new "Perfecting Pencils" class... I just HAD to have me some pencils... So I saved me some money!! and bought myself the "Perfecting Pencils Class" which allowed me to research which pencils were going to be the best for what I wanted them for and TADDDDDAAAA.. I bought me some FANCY SHMANCY PENCILS!!!

I've ended up Polychromos because I read on the Internet and saw to many thing on YouTube about lead breakages and bad quality control on Prismacolour and figured I that I wasn't going to be spending $300 odd on a pencil set to sharpen them away just to be able to use it once!!

So here's what I ended up with...

I purchased this amazing set online from The Art Shop in Australia. They gave me a fantastic price that worked out $50 more then getting it just in the normal tin!!

Now for the funny first try pictures. I had a bit of an unsuccessful play with them on the second day of owning them. I following the colours of skin tones that came with my lesson... however applied them WAY TO FAR OUT!! So instead of it being a cast shadow, it made my little person appear MASSIVELY sun burnt... or just "Brown".. LOL But hey.. I was just having fun.. and learning how they work...
 One "Clowdie" (a fellow peer on the Kit and Clowder Facebook page" suggested I should turn it into a Mouse!! or a Bear!! Lol.. I followed through with her suggestions.. but I thought a MONKEY was more appropriate!!! Teehee
Now we should also probably note, that this was just one some scrap paper I had lying around... I had by this point realised that this paper was indeed CRUD!! and I would NOT be using it for future pencil work! LOL

So today when I woke up the lovely Mo Manning had posted a new digital image of an "Easter Chickie" which is on sale for $1 for the next 24hrs.. and after some giggles and fun over the position of the "eye's" on the image... and some alterations on Mo's part.. the digi was re-released!! and I just HAD to have him to practice my pencils on...
Unlike my previous "Monkey" LOL.. this one turned out splendidly well and I'm SUPER chuffed with it... I printed the image on Arches 300gsm Smooth Hotpress Watercolour paper using my Lazer printer. This image has ONLY been coloured in Pencils with no use of blending fluid or oils... just laying and blending with pencils. :)

 If you'd like to learn how to colour with Pencils I HIGHLY recommend The "Perfecting Pencils" class at Kit and Clowder. They go through lots of pencil theory and you get to complete three different projects using either Prismacolour, Spectrum Noir or Polychromos... It's a Wonderful Class. :) 
Anyhoo. Just wanted to share my first goes with my pencils, so I can come back here in a years time and see how far I have come.. We all have to start somewhere.. :)

and Remember if you want this DARLING little "Easter Chickie" for ONLY $1 then you better head over to Mo's Digital Pencil in the next 24hrs before it goes back to it's normal price!! 
Happy Crafting! Xo


  1. Hello Amanda,
    I am blown away by your colouring with your new pencils. I would like to ask if you bought the wax pencils or the water soluble ones?
    I am watching closely to each image you colour. I can't get over your colouring!!!!
    Many thanks and Hugs, Candy

    1. Hello Candy, Thanks for commenting!!.. In answer to your question, Polychromo pencils, unlike Primsacolour pencils are actually Oil Based Pencils... They have a harder lead then Primsacolour which are wax, and do not leave a wax bloom (residue) when you use them. Because of the harder lead they keep there point longer and need sharpening less often, which is WONDERFUL for doing small detail like which you do on stamps, especially on people images, like face and hair!.. I'm really enjoying using them. Because they are oil and not water based, if you want to get a more "watercolour" look or painted look, you will need to use a blending solution like Gamasol, or paint thinner to spread it out... I've even read/seen people online using Babyoil. Though I haven't tried any of these technique myself as yet, one of my favorite artists works with Mona Lisa paint thinner and Polychromo's to do her realistic animal images. You can check out her videos on youtube, or look up her page on facebook by looking up "Lachri Fine Art".... Hope this information helps. :)
      XO HUGS!! Amanda


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