Friday, December 26, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! - Our Favourite Mo's Card From 2014

A Great Big Fat Merry Christmas To You All!!!
This year for me has been AWESOME!!! I have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for. I started this year trying to figure out what to do with my life, after being chronically ill for two years and unable to work, and finally coming to the stark realisation that I was in fact not getting back to my nursing career I had to discover something else to entertain myself and my time with to stop me from going bat ship crazy!!! LOL... if you know what I mean... I'm so grateful to my mother for introducing me to the world of stamping, even if it was in the most simplest of forms. Without her, I would not have discovered all this!! and started on this journey of paper craft and stamping... and I would not have FALLEN IN LOVE!!!!! lol. 

and I would not have discovered MO MANNING!!!

I came across Mo Manning's beautiful stamps quite early on thank fully... on a you tube colouring tutorial of Little Elf Fin and that's when I TRULY realised the potential for stamping, beyond what my mother had demonstrated, and new what I wanted to do...So a few weeks later, my new collection of Tim Holtz Distressed Inks in hand, and 10 Penny Black - Mo Manning rubber stamps in hand my obsession began.

I was super thrilled when I was able to share my cards on Bella and Bronte Facebook Page, and have the Artist herself "like" and comment on them. Oh... and I worked out that "Mo" was actually "Maurie" and not a GUY!!! LOL... Sorry Mo... :) my bad... Teehee..  I mean the marvel of social media.. who would have thought!! and then my dreams came true!!! Bella and Bronte asked who would like to apply for a Guest DT position... and I GOT IT!!! 3 months later, I was asked to be kept on as a permanent DT member... and My goodness, how much fun I have had with this group of people. They are truly FABULOUS!!!  It's been such a fabulous year. it has flown by, and while last year, I spent majority of my time speaking and thinking about how ill I was and felt... this year, if you catch me in conversation you'll hear all about Copics, die cuts, Mo Manning, and Distressed Inks!!!... Sure my illness comes up.. A bit hard not too, it's a huge part of my life.. but it's no longer ALL of my life.

So thank you
To My Mum for introducing me to stamping!!! and My Dad for all of his support. 
To Maurie Manning for giving us all the most beautiful gorgeous stamps to colour and work with. You are truly one of the most talented people I know!! and LOVELY TO BOOT!!! Sorry I thought you were a man!! LOL .... You can get Mo's Beautiful Digital Images From Mo's Digital Pencil
To Pat Frank... Thank you for always being there to support us all, for running around organising things, and for allowing me to be a cheeky little snot!! :) the club wouldn't run without you.. 
To all the other DT ladies.. thank you for all of your help throughout the year. You are an amazing bunch of talented ladies!!
To Alyce Keegan  for teaching me how to tame my Copic Monsters!! You are an AMAZING COPIC TEACHER!!! and anyone who wants to learn how to use there copics should really visit Kit And Clowder. :)

 Anyhoooo.... enough with all the gushy stuff!!!

So for this fortnights challenge over at Mo's Digital Pencil Challenge Blog we are looking over this year!! and we want you to post your "Favorite 2014 "Mo" Creation (made by YOU)"... it's THAT simple.... So yes.. it can be something you have posted previously... :) just think back through the whole year and pick the project you liked the most!! SIMPLE!!! we all know how busy this time of year is, so this is an EASY PEASY challenge.. so there is NO EXCUSES for not participating!! LOL.. 

So here is mine!!
 The Scene has been painted in Distressed Re-Inkers, with a touch of iridescent medium on the wings and some glitter glue. You can't have Fairies with shimmery wings!! I've left the card itself quite plain, with minimal embellishments because I wanted the painting to be the center point and to speak for itself, however instead I've incorporated a physical element for each Fairy to give them a bit more Life!!
 Baby Fairy Bobbin with his own little button!! You can purchase this cheeky little guy here!!
 Needle Fairy has been adorned with a maroon cotton bow, while holding her very own REAL needle!! I did this buy cutting the watercolour paper just below the arm and above the hand with a scalpel and pushing a dolls needle through. I think she's gotten a little tangled in that cotton around her feet!! LOL. You can purchase her here!!
 Baby Fairy Purl loves playing with her wool. For this little fairy I paired her with some gorgeous variegated wool, threading it through the watercolour paper and gluing it down over the stamped image. I also attempted to mimic the colours of the variegated wool in the ball of wool she was sitting on. It was challenging, but  a lot of fun!!

 Another needle I threading through the paper!

So there you go. My Final blog for 2014. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. I have certainly enjoyed writing them!! and am totally blown away at the nearly 7000 people who have visited my site!! since I started!! I will return in the new year after a much needed break. 

So Merry Christmas to everyone and a HAPPY  NEW YEAR!!!
May next year be JUST AS AWESOME as the last!!
Oh remember... Christmas Food has NOOOOOOO CALORIES!!
Happy Crafting Everyone!!

Amanda Xo


  1. wow! your coloring is gorgeous!! Mo is also one of my favorite artists. I haven't made a card since spring but I think I will be buying these cutie images and breaking out my pencils. Gorgeous card!! - Michelle

  2. This is amazing love it these fairies are so darn cute
    I have tosay I totally understand where you are coming from about illness taking over I have been in a similar position too and card making keeps me sane(??) aswell I am now a follower so won't miss any more of your creations (I love MO too)

  3. I remember this wonderful card. Your coloring is beautiful. Hugs, joann

  4. I love how sweet they look and I love love love the actual pieces of yarn and such that you brought into the image! I love your cards :)


  5. Love these, another medium I am trying to learn but a bit afraid of. lol

  6. I love the depth of colour you have in this card.


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