Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beware Online Dating Site Stealing Your Blog Photos!!!

I am deeply saddened and angry to find a few days ago suddenly traffic coming to my blog from a dating website called BrowseMyPics!! all of this traffic is coming from one particular profile it appears at this time... but it would appear, and as no body from BrowseMyPics website will bother to email me back!! That my personal Blog photos have been stolen and used by this "person" I have a whole other list of words for them... but I will keep this post polite!! to create a fake dating profile... What they are using this profile for I have no clue, but most likely to scam people with...

It is for this reason that I will now have to remove every personal photo I have of myself and my family for this blog.. that is not only time consuming for myself... but I beleive takes away a huge part of my blog, in that I wanted to be able to share with you a little bit about me!!.. But frankly I cannot risk having this stuff done.

If I have any updates on this I will keep you all posted. But please, if you have a blog, consider this yourself. It's one thing for us to water and protect our art, but are we protect our identities from theft!!!

on a lighter note.. I hope this person has as crappy a response to online dating using my pics as I did.. THAT"LL LEARN EM!! (As my mum would say!!) LOL :P

Happy Crafting
Amanda Jensen

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  1. I am so sorry for you Amanda. I had the same thing happen to me awhile back. Thus I only use a Raggedy Ann avitar or no picture at all. There are evil people out there. Hugs, joann


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