Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TUTORIAL! How To Digitally Paper Piece Using Photoshop CS2

Hi There.. Well I have created my very FIRST YouTube video!! LOL!!

Now be kind... and no laughing at my husky, funny voice!! :/

If you have never used Photoshop Creative Suites then I highly recommend the program. It really is fun to work with and the best bit about it, is that you can get the original program version CS2 FOR FREE!!! from HERE!!
Now this is NOT an illegal download.. Abode have released their original program on freeware. So be happy in knowing your not doing anything wrong when you download this program off the net! :)

First a few thanks for my Video.
To Mo Manning, for her beautiful design "Waiting For Rain" used in the video.. This is available for purchase from HERE!!
To Brandi for her use of her stunning designed digital papers!! The paper used in the video came from the "Lucky Mini Kit" which is available for free download for personal use from Brandi's blog HERE!!!
and to Longzijun for his music "Dreamy Loop" which can be found HERE!!

So I hope you enjoy the tutorial..

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! While Digitally Paper Peicing is Ok.. Would just like to point out something that was brought to my attention by Mo.. that I thought would be obvious, but might not be.. It is NOT ok to digitally colour your WHOLE STAMP!! Paper piecing, whether digitally or not, should still only be used minimally, like for a piece or two of clothing and the rest coloured by hand.. This ensures that your stamps stay One Of a Kind!! and complies with the Stamps Copyright and Terms Of Use!!

Happy Digitally Paper Piecing!!


  1. Thank you!! Since I really dont know much about using Photo Programs even the one I own, this will help me so much!! Showing exactly where to click is great!!!

    1. No problems!! Thats why I wanted to move to video for the computer tutorials. So much easier to SHOW people then explaining.. and takes so much less time than taking screen shots!! :) If your interested in other Photoshop CS2 Tutorials I have a few other basic ones. Just go to the tab at the top under the banner that says TUTORIALS, and I have all my tutorials listed there! :)

  2. Thanks,Amanda!! Great tutorial!!

  3. Great tutorial...I have to try that! Thanks so much!!!!


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