Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day Monster Card!!!

HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS DAY!!!! Too all you wonderful mums out there, and an EXTRA SPECIAL BIG HUG!!! to all those single mum and mums of special needs kids out there.. As A single mum of a special needs teenager, I know exactly how much extra effort goes into caring for our children, and how much we struggle and strain to put them first.. well this is the one day I think that even if we don't get to have much time for us!! "cause often mothers day, is just another day on the calendar for single mums and special needs mums" we can take a moment to realise we are DOING A GREAT JOB!!! and that ALL OF OUR SACRIFICES are appreciated...even if our precious little ones cannot tell us!!

So I'll start by sharing that I've had a lovely Mothers Day with my son!!. This is his second year at a specialist school, he's in year 8 and due to his support in that school he has come so far.  I received a lovely card (MY FIRST ONE) with beautiful writing in it from him, a candle and jar he made full of love hearts. The point of the love hearts were the kids were meant to write down things they would do for their mums during the day! My son announced to me as he gave me my jar that he couldn't be bothered "DOING STUFF" around the house.. so he just wrote down things he was going to do anyway!! (have to love children with Autism... they are so straight forward!! LOL). So my heart said things like "Give you your card" "give you a hug" "give you a kiss" and "Love you more today than other days!!!" AWWWWWwwwwwww!!! Very sweet! Spent the afternoon with my mum, after racing around in the morning finishing her CARD! Finishing off the day with a dinner out with my parents and sister's family at a Thai restaurant. It was perfect. :) I hope you all had the BESTEST MOTHERS DAY as well!!

Now onto the CARD!!
I have been planning a card for my mother for this day since Mo Manning released this Monster Girl Digi earlier on in the year! It was my first digi I ever bought and I fell in love with it straight away. If you haven't noticed already, I am I little "odd" and my family is NO DIFFERENT!! and SO monsters on a mothers day card is a perfect thing to suit my mum/family!!

Even better was when a few weeks later Mo released a BOY monster!!!! SO NOW I had both the boy and girl monster and just to decide what to do!!

To purchase the Girl Monster visit HERE!!
To purchase the Boy Monster visit HERE!!

This is what I came up with!! LOL.. An extremely BRIGHT, funny, spooky, spotty, Easel Card!!

 Images merged using Photoshop CS2.
Coloured using Copics.

 Me and my Son with our GORGEOUS MOOSHES!!! LOL. Doing our best Monster looks... *note to self...black eyeliner on your teeth tastes DISGUSTING!! do not do again*
 Sentiment comes with your purchase of the digi!
 The 3D Spiders and the Bony Fish have been made (with permission from Mo Manning) from isolating these elements from the Monster Boy digi, using Photoshop. Then increased in size, printed on Xpress It blending paper, coloured with copics, fussy cut and shaped with a stylus. This was done to tie in the embellishments with the images used!
Second (of three available) sentiments available with digi purchase. 
 I actually visited my mother earlier in the week and had her show me how to make bows... So she ended up making her two OWN bows for her OWN card!! LOL :P To tie in the theme, I placed a skull stickers on the black buttons, which were then fastened on the ribbon with sticky dots.
 A little cotton wool for Spider Web!!
Circle ribbon rosettes made following a tutorial By Pat Frank "Cards 2 Cherish"

and to show how HUMAN I am.. I put together this gorgeous card for my mum... my second only Easel card, the first one being a square (which should be easier!!!) and I stand it up and guess what... I STUFFED IT!! LOL... I didn't get the angle/lean on the back card right... so it doesn't stand up... it falls flat backwards EVERY TIME!! LOL.

But like a true Mum.. My mother loves it!!! and just stood it up against something so it stands up right!! LOL. :/

Thank for stopping by..Now to clean up all those little bits of little paper littering my floor, (I discovered DISTRESSING TOOLS for this project!! *insert excited, but slightly hysterical laugh*) and scrap up all that excess glue I've spilt!! LOL



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