Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Learning Process - My First Attempts...

When you're starting out in any new skill it's so tempting to look at the work you have done, your first pieces and instantly want to BIN THEM!!! They probably won't be great, they WILL have flaws, and there will be MANY things about them that you don't like. But!!! I think it's really important for you to keep these precious memories of where you started...Everything has a beginning, and this is where yours was. We should never seek to erase memories, even ones we aren't happy about...because they often led to knowledge and progress... and they are BLOOMING FUNNY to look back on later on when you REALLY know what your doing!!! I found this to be true when I was following some online groups through facebook and the subject arose.

I spend quite a lot of time on online groups through facebook. Being unable to leave the house as often as I used to means I had to find a new way to "socialise" then I previously did...a way that didn't involve me bugging the bajeebers out of my parents constantly!!! and so I found not only a few support groups online for my vestibular disorder but a few groups specifically about colouring with stamps!!!

Two of my FAVORITE groups being Kit and Clowder, run by an amazing Aussie girl called Alyce and a Mo Manning Fan Club called Bella and Bronte's Clubhouse. Now while a fan club might SOUND cheesy, this fan club has been one of the most AWESOME things I have come across since starting my stamping and allows me to speak and interact DIRECTLY!!!! with Maurie Manning, the artist who designs these gorgeous stamps I love so much and get her advice and wisdom and!!!!! yep... I have a total lady crush on this women's capabilities!!! LOL but honestly, spend enough time looking at her work, and you will too... anyhoo, I digress!

It was on Kit and Clowder that the discussion of starting out came up and what our first pieces were like and how far we have come. Seeing I'm only very new to this, I was happy to share pictures of my first pieces and thought thats where I'd start here.

My Very First Stamp - using Watercolour
Stamp Name: "Swiss Pixie Heidi with Ornament" by C.C Designs
(Big Thank you to Tindaloo for telling me the stamp name!)

 My Second Water Coloured Stamp! Soooo Much Better. :)
Stamp Name: " Wee Love You Bunches " designed by Sylvia Zet © Wee Stamps for Whimsy Stamps

My First Hand Drawn Water Colour! LOL

 My First Distressed Ink Stamp!......Stamp Name: "You Are A Peach" Designed by Maurie Manning, Rubber Stamp by Penny Black.

            and The Card I Made Her Into!

 My First Copic Coloured Image.
 Stamp Name: "Little Elf Fin" Designed by Maurie Manning, Rubber Stamp by Penny Black.


So There you go...All My Funny Firsts!

It's sooooo easy to throw these out for the "mistakes" you have made. but it's better to put them away somewhere safe, to give you giggles later on, and show you how REALLY far you have truly come in your learning.



  1. Hehe! I must admit, I totally enjoy " strolling down memory lane" by looking at early posts on my own blog!! So fun to see some of my earlier I still get great ideas from my earlier cards/projects!! This is a fabulous blog, Amanda!! And I love your first post!! Your water coloring is amaaaazing!! I will definitely visit often!! Hugs. Pat Frank

  2. Lovely blog you got here Amanda! And gorgeous colored stamps ♥ The first one, wich u didn't know the name of, is a C.C Designs stamp 'Swiss Pixie Heidi with Ornament' :)

    1. Thank you so much for that Tindaloo. I think it's so important to give credit where stamps are from so artist and brands get all there hard work recognised. I'll edit the post straight away with your info!

  3. Love what you have done. Your colouring is amazing. Hugs, Ursula


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