Monday, April 14, 2014

Never Throw Away Your JUNK!!!

Hello Again!!! Haven't seen you in a while!!! *cheeky smiles* Well it seems I started this blog, and realised I had SO MUCH TO SHARE!!! LOL. :)

One thing I learnt really early on and wanted to share was Never Throw Away Your Junk Pieces!! and of course there is a story behind this... as if I share anything without rambling on LOL and because I'm a complete an utter dork, let me share this story to you in a series of photos!!!
                *disclaimer: photos may be of work reproduced for dramatic effect :) to illustrate point of view, but DO reflect exactly what i did on that sad night... well.. except the funny faces and such. they were just added cause I was having fun!!* Teehee


In my very first set of stamp purchase I bought this lovely set of Fairies by Mo Manning called 'Fairy Sweet' Which can be purchased HERE! as a digital set or HERE! as an clear set as seen below.  They are so very gorgeous and I couldn't wait to use them.

Upon Stamping the image I stuffed it the FIRST time...(you'll giggle later at this reference) because I squished to hard on the acrylic stamp, underestimating the power in these muscles *kisses biceps* Teehee! and I smudged the lower legs of this cute little fairy. So I immediately deemed this a muck around piece, which dealt with those 'Fear Of White Spaces" anxieties..., because it was already stuffed, couldn't stuff it anymore, and off I painted!!!  Problem was, when I finished painting the fairy with my Distressed Ink I REALLY loved the colouring, and was really proud of my work, seeing it was now the second image I had painted with inks. So I wracked My brains to come up with a way to use him still on a card. 

So This what I came up with, illustrated here with a blank stamped image, because I didn't take pictures that night! :)  I thought I could maybe cut him into a circle using a die and this would eliminate the worst problem areas by cutting them off. His foot and knee however I wanted to keep the flower and wing that were outside the circle area. Now I had only just received my die cutter machine a few days earlier and had never used dies before. So off to the all knowing, better than Harvard, educational system!!! You Tube!!! LOL

 I followed ALL of the those directions to the letter, I got out my new cutting mat, and new scalpel. Drew around the die with the grey led. Not to hard now, so you can erase it later!! Cut out the little notches, then slid my die back onto the paper, this time with my flower and wing sitting ABOVE the cutting blades. I was CHUFFED! I was so confident this was going to work. Now remember, I'm working with an image I have spent the better of three hours painstakingly painting!! not the blank image you see before you. So I run my die through my machine... I get it out AND!!!

You Tube had failed me!!

 Followed by lots of tears!!! Because I REALLY had an unusable image NOW!!! and the bit that mad me mad is that I could straight away SEE where I had gone wrong. 
 The circle die doesn't cut from the middle edge like my pencil line, that the YOU TUBE video had told me to do!!! It cuts between the two... and the smart me, the one who went to uni for three years would have practice something like this one a mock stamp, not gone gung ho thinking they knew what they were doing!! But this wasn't my fault!!! IT WAS YOU TUBES!!! LOL

So Like any respectable adult does when things don't go there way... I cracked the poops!! Big Time!! *Disclaimer - did i mention it was 2am by this stage, and tantrums by adults are TOTALLY acceptable at that time Right??* and threw down my fairy and the rest of the stuff I'd been working with to go get me SCISSORS! Cause I was going to chop this little guy to pieces for being the BANE OF MY EXISTANCE... and thats when the little fairy gods intervened on this poor little fairies behalf from being BEHEADED! Looking down at where I had thrown this little guy, ready with my scissors I saw him peeking up at me from the whole made from the die, giving me an an IDEA!!!

(That's me having an idea!!! Teehee)

And this is where this little card came into being!

So the moral of the story! Don't try and decapitate little fairies! Lol. No, don't throw thing out you think are junk, or you think you have stuffed. With time come perspective and knowledge that you don't have today! and that different point of view may well be just what you need to rescue that piece you thought was junk and make it into something beautiful.

This is now one of my most favorite cards. I can not bare to give it away, he reminds what happens when you believe in a little fairy magic!... and try to murder a fairy!! Teehee!



  1. This is adorable, great story too. :)

  2. Big congrats on your new blog, Amanda! :) You are so entertaining as well as talented, hehe! LOVE this story! xoMo

    1. Thank you Mo! It means a lot to me to hear this from you! Xo

  3. no disasters in crafting just happy accidents, love your card

  4. You just make me smile, Amanda!!!! What a great post! And your card turned out beautifully!!! You go, girl!!! Hugs, Pat Frank


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